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We directy source from farmers who are part of the ENGROW-FORESTRY scheme and stipulate the highest quality standards!

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Our vision is to create economically independent and self -sustained villages, equipped to produce their own energy and food.

Our goal is to utilize 
Every inch of land 
Every ray of sunlight and 
Every drop of water
In the most efficient way.

To enhance the soil fertility to its maximum potential through the application of enriched biochar and to promote agro-forestry with biodynamic farming methods to maximally tap the sun’s energy and fix atmospheric carbon in the soil.

“The worst place for CARBON to exist is in the form of Carbon-di-oxide in the atmosphere.

The best place for carbon to exist is the TOP SOIL in the form of Organic Carbon.”

We pioneer in the implementation of emission free carbonization technologies where the excess heat from the process is used for industrial application as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel powered heat generation.

For the input feedstock of raw material to make charcoal, We use fast growing wood species that is farmed specifically for this purpose and also  the unused by-products of  the agriculture industry with very high carbon content such as palm kernel shells ,coconut shells ,walnut shells.

We promote the cultivation of high value crops such as medicinal herbs and essential oil herbs which we buy at higher than market prices to process and export to high value generating markets.

We promote  PERMACULTURE (permanent agriculture ) and  Bio-Dynamic farming with a collaborative model  with  organic farmers through our scheme “ENGROW -FORESTRY”.

The purpose of Engrow in all its simplicity is to tell the many amazing stories about all our products  and to provide the inspiration and the ingredients to enhance your well-being. We select most of our spices according to a principle we call ‘Product of Origin’, which means we are looking for:

  1. Spices, herbs and aromatic oils  that look, smell and taste like when they were harvested.
  2.  We know when , how and by whom they are grown and harvested. We like to ensure that the process is sustainable; that the resources of the soil are not depleted, and that humans, animals or other ecosystems remain unharmed.
  3. Signature Products that can tell a story about people who work hard to create something unique.

The quality of our products is paramount – we want our consumers to be inspired to use raw, organic products that enrich their lifestyle and well being.

Our suppliers are skilled and passionate organic  farmers, who usually value quality just as we do.They have become part of our unique collaborative business model through the Engrow-Forestry scheme. Their farming is characterised by proud age-old traditions of organic cultivation along with BIOCHAR usage and  BIO-DYNAMIC applications as a recent addition. Of course, we also make continuous monitoring for standards in terms of quality, processing, packaging and shipment of the products, and encourage farmers to cultivate and develop new varieties.