Our Business Model

Complete organic solutions starting from soil inputs for a FARMER and going all the way till the well being of a CONSUMER. We offer private labeling for all our customers!

Farmer Relationship
Processing & Packing
Warehousing and Transport

Our Strategy

Farmer Relationship

We work vigorously to build a healthy and trustworthy relationship with all our farmers because we rely on the fact that they will always deliver the best quality.

We keep updating them with the latest market trends for them to make the right choice of crop to fetch the highest value per hectare.

Farmers Subscribed to Engrow-Forestry Scheme Dedicate 25-50% of the land for growth of fast growing hard wood trees that is harvested for char and energy production through a specifically designed  zero-emission technology.

Enriched Bio-char is then supplied back to the farmer as an organic fertilizer.


Our spices are hand harvested, hand-sorted and hand-packed

There is ample difference between hand-crafted work and machine labour. Our farmers predominantly tend to their soil and produce according to ancient traditions, which means that the spices are hand-harvested and hand-sorted.

While this is more time-consuming than machine-processed products, it is also, in fact, a quality assurance of the goods in the cultivation field.

In addition, we carry out thorough quality control of each product before it is put into stock in our factory in India.

To this effect, we have skilled packaging personnel who prepare our spice and herbs, weigh and pack by hand, etc. This kind of controlled system is inherent in our way of work.


Our products are sourced from organic farmers around South India who are part of the ENGROW-FORESTRY scheme.

With the aim to ensure maximum transparency and highest quality standards, we accompany the complete product cycle – from producer to consumer, while making sure that we receive a complete proof of origin and precise product documentation, and that the EU regulation on Organic Farming is being implemented properly.

This implies sensorial, physical, and chemical tests of the delivered raw materials.

Being a pioneer and industry leader and pioneer with our unique business model, we are well aware of our responsibility towards nature.

Processing & Packing

We provide Repacking & Filling Services for all of our products. 

There are various options to repack from bulk to bulk into different types of packages like: Paper bags, Cans, Drums, IBCs and Big Bags.

Or repack from bulk into different types of consumer packages like: Aluminum Bags, Cups, Jars, Bottles, Stand-up & Block-bottom Pouches.

We can repack our products in small or large volumes based on your requirements. These services can include Packaging, Labeling, Sealing and other value added services on request.


We operate our own storage facilities in India , European Union and Switzerland , including ambient and conditioned storage for the temperature sensitive products.

Warehousing & Transport

Our experienced Logistics team is always able to offer various options of transport for our products to the preferred location globally.

We can also provide Customs Services for various options of transport, with our broad base of service providers we can arrange transport by: Courier, (Conditioned) Road-, Sea- or Airfreight.